Lightbulb Factory

It’s been another busy week for me preparing for the next round of exhibitions.  The week began with the sale of another painting – this little piece called ‘Petrol Station’ which, thanks to the power of the internet went off to the person who owns the building as a birthday present! Weird but true.


The week continued with getting as much painting done as possible and preparing work for going off to the framers.  I don’t usually frame my work, preferring to block-mount it by hand normally, but I have been working on some square format pieces for  a change and think they will look brilliant framed up.  They are not ready for the blog yet but I’ll be posting them when I have them.

Finally, I got this piece finished.  ‘Lightbulb Factory’ depicts a building which has been in my life as long as I can remember.  Originally an Art Deco lightbulb factory known as the LUMA building, when I was young it was the derelict shell of a business called ‘Caravanland’ and I passed it often on the way to visit my gran.  It has since been converted into gorgeous, sexy apartments and looks as good as it did in it’s prime.  I have chosen to depict it as I remember it from childhood – using old archive images of a more forlorn time in it’s history.  I am fascinated by the life of buildings. We pass by as momentary observers in a much longer story.Image

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