Artist Statement

My practice is concerned with the layers and structure of the urban landscape: the transience of the built environment in a relentless process of growth and change. The paintings are each a moment in time of a particular place, as the buildings succumb to weathering, neglect and renewal. I see buildings as a reflection of a population. My work invites questions about how society measures its failures and successes, the things we accept and reject in our environment and our response to familiarity and recognition.

The paintings focus on streets in everyday life, anonymous yet familiar, I am drawn to the mundane and the overlooked…the unnoticed details in a patchwork of grand houses, industrial wastelands, concrete offices and shiny new flats that fill the streets of our cities. I am drawn in by the illusion of permanence that we create for ourselves and the fragile nature of the recognisable city in a time of accelerating change: the split sandstone, the plugged-in brick, the corroding metal and the peeling paintwork overlapped by concrete, plastic and steel.

The surfaces of my paintings echo the structure of these complex layers. By constructing and peeling back layers of paper, I create delicately textured surfaces on which to paint, print or draw. These layers of paper act as a metaphor for the how thin and temporary everything we build is in the end.


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