Preview at the Smithy Gallery


Sunday saw me and my partner attend my very first exhibition preview at the Smithy Gallery in Blanefield. The place was buzzing when we arrived to a greeting of champagne and canapes. Notably, many red dots were already on the walls only 15mins after opening.


The artwork was seamlessly curated and exceptionally high quality. My highlights were the works by Patricia Cain, Joyce Gunn Cairns, Henry Fraser, Gordon Wilson and Sam Cartman – artists whose work I have admired for a while. I also really liked the landscapes by Victoria Maxwell MacDonald and Marion Thomson.

Previews, if you have the nerve, are great opportunities to meet the artists and I am glad I pushed myself forward to introduce myself to Gordon Wilson and Stanley Bird. I had lovely chats with these two delightful artists and felt very welcome in this warm and inviting space thanks to gallery owner Natalie Harrison.

The icing on the cake of this exciting, cultured afternoon was that one of my paintings sold to a very lovely gentleman and I really couldn’t be any happier. Not a bad start to 2014…

Busy week for an artist

Busy week for an artist

So many little jobs to do this last week, getting things organised for my next exhibition and also taking down an exhibition that I curated (which was unfortunately closed early due to storm damage to the building). It never ceases to amaze me how quickly exhibitions can be taken down when it takes days and days to put them up!

Most of my time this week has been taken up with all the extra things you have to do as a professional artist and not so much painting – making mounts, ringing and stringing, signing, wrapping, delivering. It’s so good to see the 4 paintings I have been working on over the winter break finally going off to the Smithy Gallery, Blanefield. Here is one of them entitled ‘Structural Supports’ and the others can be found in my Gallery section.

Cannot wait for the preview next Sunday as I am exhibiting alongside some of my art heroes: Patricia Cain, Sam Cartman, Joyce Gunn Cairns and Gordon Wilson to name a few.

Work has begun on the next paintings, as of last night, so images will be coming soon…

Thanks for reading

Sneak peak

Sneak peak

So here is a little detail for one of the paintings I have been working on for an exciting exhibition I have coming up later this month. I worked all through the Christmas holidays to produce four new paintings for a rather lovely gallery who have asked me to exhibit. I’m keeping it all under wraps for just now but there is a big reveal coming soon…

New year, new blog

2014 finds me at a very exciting time in my career.  I am anticipating a great year ahead due to a few recent successes, so decided to start a blog dedicated to the comings and goings, the highs and lows of being an artist.  There will be sneak previews of new work, updates on exhibitions and news of special offer and sales.  Looking forward to the ride!